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VAR Delegate Body

Delegate Body of the Association

The Delegate Body is composed of no more than three REALTOR® Delegates and no more than three alternates elected by each Member Association. The names of the Member Association’s Delegates and alternates must be submitted to the Association in writing no later than December 15 of the year preceding service as a Delegate.

The Delegate Body shall elect members of the Board of Directors; recommend National Association Directors and National Association Regional Vice-President candidates to the National Association; approve Bylaws amendments; approve changes to the Strategic Plan; and may dissolve the Association. The Delegate Body also may remove any member of the Board of Directors as provided in Article XV of the VAR Bylaws.

There are be two regularly scheduled Delegate Body meetings per year, held at the Legislative Conference and at the Annual Business Conference/Convention, plus any special meeting called by the President or Board of Directors or by two-thirds vote of the Delegate Body. The Association’s current Immediate Past President shall chair meetings of the Delegate Body, or if not available, the next preceding Past President is the chair of the meetings.

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