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VAR Leadership

Virginia REALTORS® is your association. Your leaders are here to do what's right for your profession and your industry.



Virginia REALTORS® governance structure is comprised of the following:

Delegate Body = 88
The Delegate Body determines the broad strategic outcomes the association aims to effect.

  • Delegates are appointed by local associations (3 delegates per local association plus one appointed by at-large members of Virginia REALTORS®)
  • Amends Bylaws, approves Strategic Plan, elects Board of Directors and NAR Directors
  • Quorum requirement is at least 50% of Virginia REALTORS® membership represented and at least 50% of the 29 local associations represented

Board of Directors = 34
The Board of Directors establishes objectives for accomplishing strategic outcomes, assigns to Standing Committees, authorizes funding, and monitors/measures success.

  • Oversees organizational operation
  • Administers Bylaws and Strategic Plan; approves annual program/budget (including dues amount); approves legislative package; recommends strategic direction/objectives; elects officers; approves Virginia REALTORS® policies and procedures
  • Responsible for establishment and management of various designated funds
Leadership Team = 6At-Large Seats = 27
  • Consists of President, President-Elect, Vice President, Treasurer (two-year term), Immediate Past President, and CEO
  • Makes recommendations to Board of Directors and/or Delegate Body on Association matters
  • Authorized to make budgetary adjustments within Board of Directors-approved budget and to make decisions regarding policy interpretation
  • Twenty-seven staggered three-year terms
  • One local association staff liaison who serves a one-year term, appointed by president
Local Association Liaison = 1 
Note: Association Officers are elected from and by the Board of Directors