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The REALTORS® Code of Ethics is more than a conceptual guide to right and wrong. It’s a powerful business tool that leads to more sales, more referrals and more profitable, long-standing relationships with both clients and other Realtors®.

You are a Realtor®. Your customers and your peers expect of you greater levels of professionalism and service than from others in the real estate business. Years ago, the National Association of REALTORS® set out a Code of Ethics to help us all live up to those expectations.

But the Code is more than a list of Thou Shalts and Thou Shalt Nots. It’s a practical guide that can help you sell more real estate. When it comes to building your business, you cannot grow without the trust of your clients, your prospects and your peers. Unfortunately, you cannot ask for trust. You have to earn it.

Like every other business, real estate has become more competitive over the past 20 years. Our customers are smarter; they have more choices and access to more information than ever before. If you want your business to grow, you depend on repeat business, referrals and the cooperation of fellow Realtors®. These aspects of your business hinge directly on your reputation, on the way people think about you. Be ethical: Learn the Code. Live the Code.

NAR's Code of Ethics
Ethics training videos
QUICK LINK: Ethics Legal Hotline Q&A (Page currently under maintenance)
NAR Quadrennial Ethics Training
Professional Standards Road Show
About ethics complaints & the ethics complaint process


For everyone: take a look at the fundamentals of the REALTOR® Code of Ethics:


CLICK HERE to download a .PDF of this presentation


CLICK HERE to download a .PDF of the 2016 Code of Ethics     CLICK HERE to download a .PDF Poster of the 2016 Code of Ethics


Want to know the hottest topics and how to handle them ethically? VAR has created four short videos to run you through the basics of

  • fee change negotiations
  • disclosure guidelines
  • commissions on short sales
  • home inspections

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Every year, VAR sponsors local training for Boards of Directors; Professional Standards & Grievance Committee Members; Certified Ethics Trainers; Executive Officers and staff; and, Mediators to learn the concepts and management of professional standards.

All day attendance is required to receive course and continuing education credit (no partial credit awarded). This course is approved for 3 Hours Ethics; 3 Hours Real Estate Related for Continuing Education.

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